February 11

Tightrope Walking and Your Centre of Gravity

This week kicks off the first of three science-related storytimes just in time for that special part of the year where the OJCS puts the focus on science projects and STEAM fair!  We will read two stories about tightrope walkers and then do an experiment where your students can learn about centre of gravity!

Today we read;

The Man Who Walked Between The Towers by Mordicai Gerstein

High-Wire Henry by Mary Calhoun, illustrated by Erick Ingraham

NOTE: I apologize for the shaky camera, I didn’t realize that kids in the gym directly above were causing a mini earthquake!

Experiment Time!

Visit the following link for an easy experiment you can do at home or in the classroom! https://www.rookieparenting.com/can-you-balance-a-craft-stick-on-a-chopstick-science-experiment/

January 21

Let’s Celebrate The Trees!

Tu B’Shevat is such a wonderful holiday.  It is so important to grow up appreciating nature and trees!  Today I will read three books about trees.  They are;

Are Trees Alive? by Debbie S. Miller, illustrated by Stacey Schuett

Have You Seen Trees? by Joanne Oppenheim, illustrated by Jean and Mou-Sien Tseng

Picture a Tree by Barbara Reid


Our activity this week is a beautiful but simple tree painting!  All it takes is tracing your hand and part of your arm to make the trunk, painting it brown, and then choosing some pretty colours to make dots for leaves.  For the full instructions visit https://www.artycraftykids.com/art/autumn-handprint-tree/ 

January 8

OJCS Storytime – Cleaning Frenzy!

Today we read;

Tidy by Emily Gravett

Sweep by Louise Greig and Julia Sarda


Teachers can choose between several handout activities in this amazing Emily Gravett Sweep teacher resource page.

Kitchen Cleaning Frenzy Game:

Designate one corner of your kitchen to be your ‘net’ area by marking it off with duct tape.  If you have a small real net even better.  Now arrange lots of non-breakable small objects around the kitchen floor.  These could be small toys, balls, etc…  Now use a broom and see how fast you can sweep those objects into your net.  If you have a sibling you can compete with, that is even more fun.  Use a timer to break your own record again and again!


October 23

OJCS Storytime – Books About Pigs!

Today we read a few books about some very adorable little piggies!

A Piglet Named Mercy by Kate DiCamillo, illustrated by Chris Van Dusen

If You Give a Pig a Pancake by Laura Numeroff

Story Sequencing Activity You Can Print

Teachers can print the ‘If You Give a Pig a Pancake’ story sequencing activity pages from the following document for your class.  You can choose the specific pages to print (the activity in colour is page 4 and 5, in black and white it is 25 and 26.)  Students cut out the circles and try to put them in the correct order.  You may need to re-play the story for them before they begin and having them pay close attention!

September 16

OJCS Storytime – Books About Reading

Today We Read;

Born to Read by Judy Sierra and illustrated by Marc Brown

We Are in a Book! by Mo Willems

Carlo Likes Reading by Jessica Spanyol

Optional Activity:

Your students can be just like the adorable Carlo and label the whole classroom!  A great exercise in practicing writing simple words for younger students.