April 22

I Love Animals! Animal Storytime

Today we read 3 amazing animal stories…

I Love Animals by Flora McDonnell

Animals Talk Too by Graham Meadows

The Home Builders by Varsha Bajaj, illustrated by Simona Mulazzani

Extension Activities

Kindergarten – Draw a picture of your favourite animal and write down its name.  If you aren’t sure how to spell it, ask a parent, teacher, or older sibling.

Grade 1 and 2 Mini Research Assignment – You will create a new Google Doc and paste a photo of your favourite animal in it.  On the page you will include at least 3 facts you learn from Google about your favourite animal.  If you aren’t used to using Google Docs, you can draw and write everything you learn on a piece of paper instead.  If you’d like, you can share your finished Google Doc with Brigitte Ruel b.ruel@theojcs.ca

April 14

Cranky Bear Stories

I am excited because today is a super fun storytime.  We read not one, but 3 Cranky Bear books!!  I have also included a Cranky colouring page you can print out and colour!

The Very Cranky Bear by Nick Bland

The Very Itchy Bear by Nick Bland

The Very Brave Bear by Nick Bland

Print your own Cranky Colouring Page

If you have any trouble downloading or viewing the colouring page, contact b.ruel@theojcs.ca

April 8

Scrambled-Up Poetry

April is poetry month!!  Today we read a few mixed-up poems from the following books;

Scranimals by Jack Prelutsky, pictures by Peter Sis


Runny Babbit by Shel Silverstein


Depending on the age of your students, here are some great activity ideas for your students…

  1. Shel Silverstein Runny Babbit Worksheet (page 5 of document)  Decode some of Shel’s hilarious ‘Spoonerisms’.
  2. Create your own Scranimal!!  Combine a vegetable or fruit and an animal of your choice into a hilarious drawing.  Make sure you give it a silly name.
  3. For our grade 2+ students, here is a great video activity where students can create their own rhyming poetry.

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February 11

Tightrope Walking and Your Centre of Gravity

This week kicks off the first of three science-related storytimes just in time for that special part of the year where the OJCS puts the focus on science projects and STEAM fair!  We will read two stories about tightrope walkers and then do an experiment where your students can learn about centre of gravity!

Today we read;

The Man Who Walked Between The Towers by Mordicai Gerstein

High-Wire Henry by Mary Calhoun, illustrated by Erick Ingraham

NOTE: I apologize for the shaky camera, I didn’t realize that kids in the gym directly above were causing a mini earthquake!

Experiment Time!

Visit the following link for an easy experiment you can do at home or in the classroom! https://www.rookieparenting.com/can-you-balance-a-craft-stick-on-a-chopstick-science-experiment/