June 20

Memory Jars – Sharing Our Favourite Memories of this Past School Year

For our last storytime sessions of the year, I read the beautiful book Memory Jars by Vera Brosgol to our grade 2 students.  In the book Freda attempts to save all of her favourite memories in jars where they will remain unchanged forever.

Since our school year is ending, I asked our students to put their favourite memory from the past year into a memory jar.  Here are some of their picks;

The Maccabiah Games

The Maccabiah Games was a very popular choice for memory jars.  It continues to be one of the highlights of the school year.

The Purim Carnival

The Purim Carnival is always a favourite.  The games and prize table organized by our middle school students make the day so much fun for the kids.

100th Day

The grade 2 team made 100th Day really special for the kids this year, as these memory jars illustrate.

World Cup Soccer

During the World Cup this year students loved playing soccer and pretending they were on World Cup teams and they also loved watching a game in the gym.

Winter Fun Day

Winter Fun Day is such a wonderful way to dissipate the winter blues.  The kids are big fans of the sledding, skating, and skiing.

The First Day of School

The OJCS teachers did an amazing job of making the first day a happy and welcoming one.

Spending Time In the Library

I was thrilled to see the library make the cut!  One child even said that her favourite memory was the novel study we did together of ‘Goblins in the Castle.’  It warms my heart!

The Talent Show

So many talented students welcomed the opportunity to perform at our OJCS talent show.

With so many awesome things going on at the OJCS every year, it’s no surprise that these memory jars covered such a wide range of fun.  We are all so fortunate to be a part of such a special school.



March 29

Detective Club Hears From CSIS!

Our Detective Club kids were absolutely thrilled to get gifts from ‘Detective D’, a CSIS representative who sent a box of gifts to school on Thursday.

In it were some incredible real CSIS pins and a personal letter to our Detective Club leaders Mia and Yardayna.


Our Detective Club students all received real CSIS fingerprint clearing wipes and spy manuals!

It was an amazing day for everybody and we are very grateful to Detective D and CSIS for helping our clubbers get excited about their future careers as secret agents!

January 22

Detective Club Laser Training Course

Detective Club has been the best ever this year thanks to the creativity and direction of two of our amazing students in grades 4 and 5.

Each week they plan really amazing activities for our grade 1 and 2 sleuths including things like creating fake identities, setting traps for rival spies, cracking codes, etc…  This week students were tasked with getting through our Laser Security Training Course.  It is obvious that a blast was had by all!