September 10

A Welcome Back Story – Library Lion

Welcome back to school everyone!

Today we read Library Lion by Michelle Knudsen, illustrated by Kevin Hawkes.

Class Discussion Question – Taking Care of Books and Taking Care of Each Other

The library lion was such a great helper in the library and really cared about taking care of the books and the people in the library.  How can we take care of the books we borrow from the library, the books we have in the classroom, and the ones we have at home?  How can we take care of each other in the library, at school and at home?


December 12

Reimagining the Library

It’s Spring cleaning in December!

I have started clearing out rows of books no longer in use since the Hillel days to create more space for student work areas, more computers, new movable furniture and whiteboards.  I’d really like to see the library become even more of a learning centre; a place where small groups of students are sent throughout the day by their teachers to collaborate, research, complete projects, or when they just need some time outside the classroom environment to complete their work according to their specific learning needs.

I want the library to act as a work hub for students from all grades and become a place that is accessible not just during their recess library times or during their once-a-week  class visit, but as an extension of classroom space.

To aid this, I am envisioning a system based on one I read about in at Big Walnut School in Ohio where students are given a prescription from their teacher that would look much like this;

This prescription would act as a directive for both me and the students as to what they should be using their time in the library for and to keep them on track lest they be sent back to class prematurely.

This space has so much potential, I am eager to see how it all unfolds in the coming year.