Monthly Archives: August 2018

Grade 7 and 8 – Comprehensive Research Skills Workshop

March 2018 These two workshops with Rabbi Rottenberg’s 7 and 8s were the most intensive of the lot and covered it all, from exercises on forming effective queries in search engines, to learning proper MLA bibliography format, to examine credible and non-credible sites in research. We parsed some searches to find out which keywords were … Continue reading Grade 7 and 8 – Comprehensive Research Skills Workshop

Credible and Non-Credible Sources

February 2018 My second workshop was with Rachel’s Grade 5 class.  I wanted to have a discussion with the students about credible and non-credible sites. This Google video was shared with the group. To really get the message across, we worked on the following exercise; Exercise: Two of these websites are news satire.  Two involve extreme … Continue reading Credible and Non-Credible Sources

Research Skills workshop with Grade 3

February 26, 2018 In my first set of workshops, I guided Julie’s Grade 3 class on the basics of web searching and using kid-friendly search engines such as Kiddle. I engaged them in a discussion about why shared sites like Wikipedia and YouTube are not recommended sources for academic research.  We went over a very … Continue reading Research Skills workshop with Grade 3