Librarian Bio – Brigitte Ruel

I have been working in public and government libraries for the past 15 years and am thrilled to have to opportunity to work with the amazing children, teachers, and staff at this school.

My life in libraries started at a very young age.  My Mother would take my sister and I to our local public library once a week and it was the highlight of our week.  Needless to say my sister and I were both voracious (and sometimes competitive) readers and we both ended up in the library field.

While in University I started working at the public library.  It was such a fun and rewarding experience. This work really led me to dream about a career working with both books and kids.

After graduation I moved to Ottawa and my first contract was working in the JAG Law Library at the Department of Defence.  It was an extremely interesting experience to be surrounded all day by military lawyers and to assist them in researching their cases.  I also spent four years working in the Bank of Canada library, which was a great place to work (even if helping economists researching economics could be quite dry at times.)  I used to create the daily news report for Mark Carney though, so that was a very exciting part of my day, even if it meant a 6 am start.

I started at the OJCS in September 2016 and am finding my place as a part of this incredible community.  It is definitely the most fun I’ve ever had at work! I am still an avid reader and hope to share this love of reading with the kids every day through fun learning activities, clubs, and enthusiasm.