OJCS Storytime – The Week of March 30th

Marcel The Shell – The Most Surprised I’ve Ever Been

by Jenny Slate and Dean Fleisher-Camp


This week’s activity is to make your own Marcel!!

You will need…

  • A shell or a rock
  • Googly eyes (or make your own out of paper and marker)
  • Small decorations for your shell or rock that you make or find around the house (mini clothes, mini shoes)
  • Any kind of bread for a bed!
  • Glue (hot glue works best but only under supervision!)

Glue the googly eyes onto your shell or rock and decorate in any way you can imagine.  Feel free to share pics with me at b.ruel@theojcs.ca and I can post them up!

If you want more Marcel, here are some hilarious and adorable videos…


Sophia and Ayla’s shells


Sophia’s shell… it looks like a Marcy instead of a Marcel! So cute!
Joseph’s shell









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