May 21

OJCS Storytime for the week of May 25th

A Job for Wittilda by Caralyn and Mark Buehner

Activity: The Wittilda Game

This game turns you into a pizza delivering superstar.  You will need to use empty pizza boxes or regular empty boxes you can pretend are pizza boxes.  You can draw and cut out some paper pizzas to put in the box just to make it extra special.  Get a parent or sibling to time you.  You will only have 5 minutes to deliver a pizza box to each room in your house!  If that is too easy, reduce the amount of time to just a few minutes.  Race the clock to deliver the pizzas.  Your dolls or stuffies could be your customers.  To make this a money game, you could even make change for your customers with play money to make it a bit of a math challenge.

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