Misconceptions, Stereotypes, and False Labels

Middle School Digital Citizenship

By this point you have all heard the word stereotypes.  Stereotypes are mistaken ideas about someone else based on their appearance, race, and/or religion.  They are often extremely broad and inaccurate generalizations that don’t take the individual into account.  These kind of stereotypes are a way prejudging someone before we even know them.

Watch this trailer for a series of videos made by PBS called No Labels Attached. 

There are 33 short videos (about 4 minutes each) in this series and each one is from the perspective of someone who has been stereotyped.

YOUR ASSIGNMENT:  Watch any 3 of the 33 short ‘No Labels Attached’ videos.  In the comments on this blog page, I want to you tell me what videos you watched and what it was about in short point form.  If you notice that someone has already commented on certain videos, choose different ones to watch.  I’d like to get all 33 covered in the comments on this page!

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