OJCS Storytime – The week of March 23rd

Today I have a special guest… my daughter Eleanor!  We are reading another favourite; ‘The Secret Life of Squirrels’ by Nancy Rose.  Nancy Rose is a photographer who makes mini rooms and scenes on her back deck and places food in those little sets for squirrels to find and then she snaps a perfect photo when they are in the the right position.  She says it sometimes takes thirty photos to get one good one!

Your activity this week is to ask permission to use a camera, any kind of camera (on a phone, a polaroid, etc…) and to practice taking photos of animals.  These animals can be in your backyard or your own pets.  Notice how tricky it is to photograph them while they are moving!  If you get one you’d like to share, your parents can email them to b.ruel@theojcs.ca and I will post them on this page!  Have fun!

This photo is from Yulie.  It is a great photo of her cat Decy!

Here is a beautiful photo of Sophia’s super cool Gecko Lizzy!

This is an adorable photo of Sadie’s hamster Parsnip!

Wow!  Sophie got an action shot of a squirrel in the wild!

Here is a beautiful photo of Jonah’s beautiful dog Arik!

Here is a great picture of Kayla’s adorable cat!

Rachel made her own story.  So amazing!


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