Online Sharing Safety Game – Share Jumper

Lower School Digital Citizenship Lesson Week of March 16th

Everyone enjoys connecting with others online (especially when we are all stuck at home!)  This game is perfect for all of us right now because in a simple and clear way, it explains what kinds of information is okay to share online and what kind of information isn’t.  The only way to get your jumper higher and higher is to make the right choices about what is okay to post online.  If you make a wrong choice you get sent back down!

Make sure you read each question carefully.  It will help you to make the correct choices.  THIS GAME IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH IPADS OR OTHER TOUCH SCREENS.

Now have fun!!

Click here to play: Share Jumper Game

For anyone who might struggle with the game, watch ‘We the Digital Citizens’ for a refresher on online safety!

6 thoughts on “Online Sharing Safety Game – Share Jumper

  1. Oh really? The username is just any name you’d like to use online. It isn’t anything specific. I wonder if their site is being overloaded since so many kids are home? Don’t worry if you can’t play today, it is something you can do anytime.

  2. The keyboard to type in a user name will not pop up for us. I think that might be the problem everyone else is having also.

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