Global Maker Day Story – Make Way For Animals!

The OJCS is celebrating Global Maker Day on Tuesday October 17th and in honour of that I will read the amazing book Make Way for Animals! – A World of Wildlife Crossings by Meeg Pincus and Bao Luu.  This book highlights real innovation in creating safe highway crossings for animals.  These innovators come from a wide range of backgrounds – from activists and architects to scientists, engineers, local leaders, fundraisers, etc…

Last year, our amazing grade 1 students created their own animal crossings using a variety of materials (from cardboard tubes and popsicle sticks to plasticine) for small animal figurines.  The only limit is a student’s imagination!  Student innovators can invent a new kind of bridge for another kind of animal.

Click here to read Mrs. Bennett’s post about the project.

I would encourage any elementary-aged teacher to give this awesome Global Maker Day project a try!  Now here is the book:


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