Earth Day Story – The Curious Garden

To help us celebrate Earth Day, today we are reading ‘The Curious Garden‘ by Peter Brown.

Earth Day Activity Ideas

  • Recycle Bin Raid – find one item in your recycle bin and turn it into something new and amazing!  Maybe that little milk carton can become a tiny bird feeder!  Maybe that paper towel tube can become an art project giraffe!  Use your imagination to transform a piece of trash into a treasure.
  • Local Garbage Pick-Up – go out with a parent and find somewhere in your neighbourhood that could use a garbage clean up.  Remember to be safe and wear gloves and don’t touch anything sharp!
  • Be a Curious Gardener – if you can get your hands on some seedlings, do some gardening of your own.  If you aren’t sure how to plant a seedling, get a parent or an older sibling to help.  Gardening takes lots of practice, but over time you will get your green thumb.

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