January 5

Digital Citizenship Workshop – Facts vs. Opinions

Today we listen to the story;

Facts vs. Opinions vs. Robots by Michael Rex

Afterwards we will complete a short assignment to make sure we understand the difference.  Understanding the difference between facts and opinions is another way we can be great digital citizens.  There is so much information online presented as a fact when it is actually just an opinion.  And in this book we learn how important it is to listen respectfully to the opinions of others even if we don’t agree with them.  This is especially true online when we make comments on each other’s blogs and social media.


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2 thoughts on “Digital Citizenship Workshop – Facts vs. Opinions

  1. starstar

    my first opinion is dogs are the best pet . two sushi is the worst food . three tv is better than books . facts the capital of canada is ottawa. ice is cold. canada is north of the USA.

  2. bruel (Post author)

    Hello Starstar! You got your facts and opinions totally straight and that is fantastic. Though we may disagree, we listen respectfully to each other and that is important. Thank you for sharing your opinions and facts with me!


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